Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Classroom

Welcome to my classroom!  I had my students help me clean it up a bit this afternoon so I could take pictures.  Kind of like when you clean up really quick before you have company over. 
This picture was taken from my classroom door.  The large vine on the wall tracks my student's 100 Book Challenge reading steps.  I write the student's names on little bumble bee cut outs and stick them on the wall.  Every 50 steps, they get to move their bumble bee to the next flower.

I try sitting my students in groups, but sometimes they do better facing forward.  (less talking)  They still have their shoulder partners.
My teacher table is under the big green leaves in the back.
This is my writing center.  Not too fancy right now.  We have been doing so many whole group research projects lately that my students haven't been spending too much time in the centers.
I love this area!  I wish it could stay as organized as it was at the beginning of the year.  Oh well, we pick our battles and other things are more important. 
This is the view from my white board.  I ended up changing my colors this year to orange and green.  I never thought I would ever use orange in my classroom, but it is so warm and comforting.
This is the opposite side of the classroom.  Under the word wall is my word work area.  Behind word work is my math area.  The big chess board is just that.  We are participating in a pilot for our district.  The program is called First Move.  We are on the third lesson.  The students love it.  The ice buckets along the wall in the back are book boxes for daily 5.
Finally, this is my very busy white board, right now.  My learning goals and target skills are on the left.  We are also a Thinking Map school.  All of my Thinking Maps are posted above the board.  Usually my screen is down most of the day, if not all day.  I use my projector for everything.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my classroom.  See you soon!

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